aronagale (aronagale) wrote in thewoocroo,

One Day More...

"Once before I go, I want you to know, that I have loved you all along..."
-Boy from Oz

So, it's my last day here in CT, and I'm really excited about tomorrow, though this could easily be the Claritin D talking. My brother was asking me, "Do you really want to say goodbye to everyone high?" and I said "Hell Yeah!" so here I go.


Be good to the Woo. You never notice really how great it is until you're gone. However, you'll always be a part of the community. Sure, you may not see Mac in a dress, but you will go back and have Hackett pass you notes ridiculing your love for certain soccer teams during important speeches by Mr. Adams. So love it while you have it, because it's a different place when you've left.
Also, it would be a good idea to rally the troops and get those tiles fixed in the Music Building.

If any of you are in Boston, drop by and see me! I would love to have visitors.

I'll see you all on October 20th, with Katy and Siena in tow.

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