instant karma (jaaaane) wrote in thewoocroo,
instant karma

the croo of the woo variety.

an update on all things woosterlike.

  • emily & shane are engaged!
  • girls varsity basketball came in second in teh new england tournament. school spirit is at an all time high, the FYG was filled at the HVAL championships.
  • pokemon has stormed the campus. most seniors have been assigned a character based on personality and what they were wearing when jordan accosted them.
  • roughly half the senior class has already been accepted the college. the rest of the grade will begin stalking their mailmans soon.
  • the newspaper is very chill. enough said.
  • litmag has become a sort of cult-favorite among the sophmores. like 60% of the staff are sophies.
  • mr. street is taking a stand! he now point blank refuses to sign those forms for abscences (field trips etc).
  • seniors are currently writing their final lost in the funhouse papers. i actually should be doing mine right now.
  • we have a countdown to senior send off.
  • the juniors hand in their leadership essays tomorrow.
  • it's really nice to see mr. adams around campus.
  • tomorrow is the last senior work day.
  • drama just finished carnival. david taylor played another sketchy guy. dillon did like fourteen shots with beth svenningsen. ben was emo.

life is good.
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